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Im new guys!!! >.

Hey al im new to the group and it looks like this is awsome its kind hard to find ppl who love nekos as much as I... I do have one question though am i the only guy Neko here? ok ok for those of you who want to know im a role player online my chara is Neko Kyou A half humin cat-demon (yes like Inuyashs only with a cat) but the twist is the humin side of me is vampire. I love the night so most of my posts will be arter midnight and before six am but im looking forward to all the ppl here and seeing what ya'll are like. so if your interested add me to the friens list or just check out the LJ sometime... well im out>>>>Za ikameshii yabun tenshoku touh kyuuketsuki neko akuma. ^_^
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