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Hello everyone! I am a total Neko lover! I will right at home here. that is a definite! My nickname is Kitty and thats basically because I love cats. I have ever since elementary. As well as ANIME! Oh yeah! When ever somone pokes me I make a cat noise. And I have perfected it to where my dog believes there is a cat and he runs around whimpering to find one. I take care of stray cats in my neighborhood and they walk me to my really they do. It frekas my bus mates out. I am known as the cat queen! IN my neighborhood that is. I have three cat purses...One being Neko from Trigun! ^_^ So CUTE! And I have lots of cat stuffed animals. All my friends say I will be one of those old ladys with lots of cats. They are right! Well MEOW!!! Cant wait to meet each and every one of yoU!
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