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^___^;; hi.. Im new.. <.< yes.. i know.. im a mouse.. but i wub nekos T_T all i ask is you dont eat me!

Other then that Im open, any questions.. feel free to ask.. cause im the shy type, who dont know how to start out introductions. ya know.. that stuff.. scary..

Anyways ask and i shall tell.

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oooh Im resisting the urge to pounce on you! Just joking. I love mice! Even though I have felt the urge to kinda well you know what cats do when they see a mouse... My friends believe I am a cat in human form...I mean I played with a ball for a 2 hour ride to Ohio and I can entertain myslef with strings I just dont attack them...I just make necklaces with them. Well I would love to talk to you! I can be quite social! Trust me Im freindly! With the exception of a couple of people but there are reasons to that! Just leave a comment on my lj ill talk to yoU!